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H2O Imaging


Founded: 2006

Owner: Jon Bray

Certifications: FRA certified


Areas of expertise:  Hunting, fishing, wildlife art, hydrographic film, water-transfer printing.

FROM A RURAL AREA IN SOUTHERN ILLINOIS, ​Jon Bray has made the outdoors his way of life. From a very young age, Jon started hunting and fishing in the heart of the Shawnee National Forest, and that passion carried on into young adulthood. Hunting most of the year exposed him to different seasons of the year, along with all kinds of camouflage that nature had to offer.

    Since hunting demands the need to go unseen, Jon was always looking for ways to make his guns and bows invisible during the hunt. Most of the approaches he took required a lot of time to apply, or they didn't last very long. At times, some of these attempts even damaged the weapon itself.Then, in 2005, Jon discovered hydrographics-- an established method of transferring different patterned films to the surface of his guns and bows.

    January 2006 started the creation of H2O Imaging. With the experience of being a wildlife artist for more than 25 years, he incorporated new and innovative ideas along with hydrographics to conceal otherwise obvious weapons in the field. Jon mainly began H2O Imaging as a way to camouflage guns and bows for hunting purposes, but it has since evolved into something more, branching out into the world of high-tech firearms and automotive parts with the use of carbon fiber film and other modern prints. With this branch of the company lies endless combinations for customers who want specific designs which fit their own unique styles.

    When Jon is not in the shop, he is spending time with his wife, two daughters, and grandsons.

    With H2O Imaging on the heels of the country's biggest pioneers in the hunting industry, Jon plans to keep up with the ever changing world of outdoor products and add another layer of originality to bring you even one more step closer to nature.

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One Step Closer to Nature

Color, texture, light, season – details like these can make or break your hunting experience.

Let H2O Imaging bring you one step closer to nature with our full line of state-of-the-line camouflages.


Whether it be weaponry, hard hats, ball bats, cups, or automotive interiors, H2O Imaging is here to assist your in all your water-transfer printing needs. We have worked with the top names in the Outdoor world for over a decade, and we strive for excellence. Click below for more information on our finishes, or Contact Us.