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Water-Transfer Printing


210 Houndridge Rd, Grantsburg, IL 62943

Q. What is Water-Transfer Printing?

Water-transfer printing (aka hydrographics, hydrographic dipping, dipping/dipped) is a custom finishing process that wraps a printed film pattern around any water-safe, non-porous object, and adheres to it [in most cases] seamlessly. The item to be dipped is prepared by removing all debris and/or residues, then the film is set afloat in a tank of water. A special activator is sprayed across the film, and the item to be dipped is pushed through the film and into the water below. Once the film is set, the item is sprayed with a high-grade automotive clear coat, and is ready to be used in the field.

Q. What can be, “dipped?”

Most anything that is water-safe and non-porous can be dipped. Most dipped items include: guns and/or gun parts, bows, flashlight casings, hard hats, ball bats, game console controllers, automotive parts, etc. The possibilities are endless!

Q. How long does it last?

Depending on the item(s) dipped, and what kind of use they are put to, the finish can last up to the lifetime of the item. For example: the finish on the interior of a vehicle may last forever with little to no sun damage, whereas the finish on an exterior part of a vehicle may only last a year or so because of its exposure to the elements and roadway debris.

Q. Is the finish guaranteed?

Of course! Most of all items we dipped come with a lifetime guarantee, except exterior automotive and/ or all-terrain vehicle parts. These parts are prone to extreme wear and tear due to the elements, roadway hazards and debris.

Q. What is the turn-around time?

Generally, the turn-around time is about two weeks. Though, from September- December, it may be a little longer, depending on how many orders are being processed.

Q. Where is H2O Imaging located?

H2O Imaging is located in Grantsburg, IL, which is just two miles away from Dixon Springs State Park, and nestled on Hwy 145 directly between Golconda and Vienna.

Q. I want to get my ATV dipped. Can this be done?

Yes, BUT we suggest caution if you're planning on having exterior vehicle or ATV parts dipped. Because of the weather, constant wear (i.e. rocks, mud, sticks...) we do not guarantee the finish on exterior vehicle or ATV parts. Also, the size of such items can be rather large, and the larger the item, the more costly it would be to dip. If you REALLY want your truck's rims or your four-wheeler's quarter panels dipped, we CAN do it. We just do not SUGGEST or GUARANTEE it.